Vitamix Tips and Tricks


-two (2) cups of hot kettle tea water, a squirt of dish soap, and a 1/4 lemon into the container.
-run on high speed for six (6) minutes. this will make the liquid boiling hot.
-drain completely.
-using a WET terrycloth towel, rub the container up and down with force pulling out leftover buildup and returning the container to clear.
-NOTE-this cleaning technique does not work for the mini container after it is used for composting because composting etches the inside.


-use the “tamper tool” (also known as “the stick”), it allows you to push the fruit and/or vegetables into the blades to achieve desired consistency.
-measurement to the bottom of the container handle is 1 1/2 cups.
-when making almost anything, you do not need much. a little goes a long way. EX one carrot, one tomato, on celery stalk, a piece of onion, or garlic, etc.


-when juicing (EX.- a lot of greens or maybe and apple) there is more pulp or fiber than juice. simply add some water to the bottom of the container handle (1 1/2 cups).
-if you have a lot of foam, it is from the chlorophyll. you need to add water.
-when making soup, to get the same tastes/flavors you had experienced at the store, add the spice. We sell packs of three (3) each with a soup recipe.
-Cheese in the soup is a good fat source. Avocado is a better fat source; use 1/2 the avocado, it makes the soup creamy, you do not taste the avocado, and you can add it to the top when serving.
-when using spinach or kale with citrus, you will only taste the citrus.
-ice cream is one (1) part liquid and three (3) parts frozen fruit. NOTE – some people prefer to juice first then add ice. Ice always last soft juicy items go in first .
-when making baby food, it’s nice to have the mini container but not necessary. however, it is easier to get the food out and allows for smaller prepared portions. with either container, any leftovers can be place in ice trays and frozen for later use.
REMEMBER – use the seeds, stems, and cores, but not the pits. “seeds are fine, pits are the pit!”



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