Welcome to the official website of The Spinach Girl and Vitamix Blender forum. If we've never met, then please take the time to view the wonderful and exciting health benefits of the Vitamix Blender. This powerful food preparation tool is the perfect answer to improved health, vitality, and delicious foods. This site will provide you with weekly updates, new recipes, and feedback from other Vitamix owners that will propel you into a new era of wellness!

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Welcome to the official site of The Spinach Girl!

Hi my name is Theresa and I'm The Spinach Girl!  Maybe we met at at a Vitamix  Road Show Demo, or maybe you've seen my Facebook page, or perhaps you found my site from a Google search. Either way, it is my wish that you enjoy getting to know me and my product a little better through my website  On this site, I will be posting a ton of great information such as: Vitamix care and maintenance,  Video DemonstrationsNutritional Information on wellness lifestyles, and so much more so be sure to add your name to my mailing list at the right of this page so that I can send you my favorite recipes absolutely free! I've spent many hours perfecting these recipes so that I can provide my customers with food options for the Vitamix and vegan lifestyle and you won't be able to find these recipes anywhere else!

Thanks so much for stopping by and I'm so looking forward to working with you and your Vitamix blender real soon.